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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sample the wedding cake

Customer: Hello! I wish to order a wedding cake.

Me: Yes of course.  Have you decided on the color scheme?

Customer:  I know exactly what I want.  I have a wedding planner and we have gone through everything and I know what I need.

Me:  That is marvelous.  You are on the correct track.  Do you have the design with you?

Customer: Yes actually I do. I have it right here with me.

(customer takes out a piece of paper and shows me an elaborate design of an antique/baroque ancient, too detailed design for my eyes to look at.  I get scared of what exactly she is going to tell me next and the bomb comes right after a few seconds).

Customer: I want this design, on a four tier wedding cake.  I want it all over the four tiers.  I have decided on the flavor too.

Me: Perfect.  What is the flavor you would like to have?

Customer:  I want a white vanilla sponge with strawberry filling.

Me:  No problem we can do that.

Customer:  I have one request though... (and I am holding my breath).... Can you make the wedding cake BEFORE the wedding I mean.  I want to actually see if I like it as a design.   If I do, then I will proceed with the order of the cake.

Me:  *(&^*&^&*%^*!#@$@^@*@(@)Y^^*()y#&@$$!!!!   Eeeeemmmm.... I am afraid if  you want the cake sample, you have to actually pay for it.  We are not offering a four tier sample for free !

Customer: (looking all puzzled and surprised)... then I have to think about it.  (customer left)

Seriously?? What are some people thinking? How can someone expect that a cake decorator will sample the actual wedding cake, in its original size FOR FREE.... and that would have been a four tier cake.  Do they think that the materials are free?  and what about the labor cost?? Even for a mini sample you charge and then you take it out of the final order, IF they finally order from you. Right? Am I exaggerating? What would you have done? 


  1. Ha ha ha :) That was so funny. When I got married I asked the hairdresser if I can go to her to make me the hair like it will be in the wedding dress. I also offered to pay. She said that it is to much trouble to do this... so she refused. I can not imagine though for somebody to wish for a whole unpaid cake for her wedding. :) Ha Ha I am wondering which was the real date of the wedding !

  2. Yes I was wondering the same thing. That was one crazy request though. :)